Radius Emergency Email



Email is the single most critical element of business communications. What happens if your email is out for an hour – or even an entire day. Connectivity or mail server outages can have an immediate and catastrophic effect on the ability of any organisation to remain in touch with its customer base. Put your mind at ease by deploying Radius EMERGENCY EMAIL.



Emergency Email provides users with

  • Access to the previous 14 days incoming email
  • Web mail interface
  • Mobile mail interface
  • Accessible from any browser and any location 24x7x365
  • No additional hardware or software required –24x7x365 support
  • Messages sent from webmail subjected to anti-spam and anti-virus scanning
  • Upgrade to Premium Radius Emergency Email and access last 30 days mail



Radius Emergency Email

Radius Emergency Email



Radius Emergency Email

Provides users with a secure login to a web-based repository of mails covering the previous 14 days. Incoming mails can be accessed and replied to, with responses appearing to come from the user’s regular business address.

All mails received into the Radius EMERGENCY EMAIL will automatically also be copied into the user’s main email account once connectivity with the delivery point mail server is reestablished.

Email for alias addresses can be forwarded to a nominated account, or can have dedicated accounts created for them.

Radius EMERGENCY EMAIL users with web-enabled phones can access the service via a dedicated link to a customised interface.

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