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Free Phone SystemBeresford Hotel in Dublin recently had a free phone system installed. The installation was carried out by one of Ireland’s leading unifed communications companies, Radius Technology.

The 100+ bedroom Beresford Hotel, located at the IFSE, Dublin, approached Radius Technologies to update their aging Telephone System. By using the latest in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Telephone System Technology, Radius Technologies delivered enough cost savings to provide a new Hybrid Telephone System Free of Charge.

The new system was adapted to work with the existing bedroom handsets negating the need for expensive replacements, while providing the reception and back office operations with the latest in handset design and Technology. The new system also integrated with the Hotel’s existing billing software allowing for a seamless upgrade.

Hugo Pinto GM of the Beresford Hotel

The Radius Outsourced Telecoms solution meets all our requirements. It provides the Beresford Hotel with the latest in telephone system technology, redundant conventional voice carrier and fixed monthly bills, for less than our existing monthly bills and without the need for capital expenditure. It’s also completely supported and managed for the next three years.”

We would highly recommend the radius outsourced telecoms proposition to any hotel seeking to upgrade or replace their VOIP incompatible telephone system.”

Click here for the Outsource Telecom Brochure.

Outsource Telecom PDF - Free Phone System
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