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Radius Telecom has installed the complete range of phone systems in Waterford, Kilkenny, Carlow and Dublin. From basic 2 user small office installations to 300 user multi-site VoIP systems. When selecting a new or replacement telephone system the following should be considered:

  • Does it support multiple carriers, VoIP, Copper and GSM?
  • Does it have auto attendant and voice mail?
  • Does it integrate with Outlook, IT network and accounts databases?
  • How many extensions will you need at present and in the future? Is the system expandable?
  • Will you need remote offices connected and allow staff to work from remote locations?
  • Does it support voice mail to email and allow for mobile extensions?
  • Will the telephone system talk to your CRM application, now or in the future?
  • Do you want customised hold music, blue tooth head sets or wireless handsets?
  • How many incoming and outgoing lines do you need?
  • How do you control call costs to mobiles and Internationals / premium destinations?
  • Will telephone Hijacking be an issue? is the system secure, do you need call recording?

Not all telephone systems are the same. Before you decide which one, define your requirements and ensure your selection is future proofed. Your telephone system is a 10 year+ investment. Ask Radius Telecom for the options.

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